Absolution !

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Absolution for the elect members and workers of the Udallbiltza’s institution.

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Solidarity from Catalunya with Udalbiltza’s summary

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European Free Alliance in the European Parliament asked about Udalbiltza

European Free Alliance  in the European Parliament

Udalbiltza: MEPs raise concerns with Commission

Twelve Members of the European Parliament have tabled a written Parliamentary Question to both the European Commission and Council, regarding the court case against the Basque civic movement Udalbiltza which draws together local and municipal representatives. The case begins tomorrow (Thursday) in the Spanish National Court.

In their question, the MEPs ask whether the Commission shares the concern of the UN and others about the implications for fundamental rights of such action and of the potential misuse of other laws which could criminalise the legitimate activity of democratically elected representatives. Read more…

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Video about Udalbiltza’s summary

They want to judge and to condenm Udalbiltza, an institution set up by city halls and municipal elected support staff, as well as 22 people working or acting on behalf of the same, such as political representatives. The requested sentences are not minor; between 10 and 25 years in prison, in addition to being banned to work or taking part in public institutions, apart from banning Udalbiltza, as the institution, itself.

But, which are the crimes committed by these 22 people? And, by Udalbiltza?. Reading the summary you will not find a paragraph that can be considered, not remotely, as a crime.


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UDABILTZA, kidnapped during seven years

We want to open the thoughts that have been developed on the rights of people. On the other hand, we denounce the attack UDALBILTZA, the first national institution with which the Basque people have cash in their recent history and to strengthen the solidarity movement against the injustice that there are 22 people who have served and have worked in that institution. Read more…

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Self-determination and diversity in the XXI century


We want to thank all the people you have come to the Kursaal

Conclusions of the International Conference organized by CONSEU and UDALBILTZA at the Miramar Palace.

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